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Our Vision

We believe in warmth, generosity, respect, equality, inclusivity and making a difference.
We are an independent community art studio based in a self contained annex at the Branksome Centre, BH12 2EA, Dorset.

We are a CIC ~ Not for Profit Organisation also known as a Social Enterprise. Company number 09926964

Artisan team is made up of 70 highly skilled, passionate artists with a wide range of abilities and are experienced in working with a variety of exciting media.

We were initially funded with a 1 year “Start up Fund” by Arts Council England in 2013 and are now 8 years old and sustainable without funding although special projects are supported from time to time by LUSH and JP Morgan. We thank them for their generosity.

We have a beautiful accessible studio with a rear garden,  accessible loo and disabled parking.

The Founding Director and Lead Artist is Pauline Stanley, BA (Hons) Fine Art,  a graduate from Arts University Bournemouth, a socially engaged visual artist and an arts and health practitioner who has worked with many schools, festivals, museums, Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, Artsreach, visiting lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth and also teaches on international cruises. She has a background in nursing in mental health/learning disability.

  • Artisan will challenge existing status of art produced by marginalised groups by lifting it out of the “Community Centre” into the wider art world, recognising the centrality of the “marginalised” position and the unique vision accorded by it.
  • Artisan will provide high quality opportunities for contemporary art engagement with disability/vulnerable groups and the general public.
  • Artisan will provide families the opportunity to engage intergenerationally with arts.
  • Artisan will provide supported creative sessions for those with a mental health challenge, learning disability, physical disability and aim for these sessions to become integrated with public sessions as appropriate.
  • Artisan will actively seek to engage with new audiences, with a wide range of art form practice.
  • Artisan will provide opportunities for participants to experiment with a wide range of high quality, innovative and experimental art materials, processes, techniques.
  • Artisan will diligently market its service to ensure we provide a long lasting resource, building a good reputation, with a high profile status in the community
  • Artisan will adapt to meet the changing needs of our community and meet the current increase in interest in art activities that is currently happening in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas.
  • Artisan aims to support the existing community of artists by facilitating peer discussions/critiques and provide a space where life and portrait drawing sessions can be held on a regular basis.
  • Artisan will always aim to work to a standard of excellence and best practice in everything we do.
  • Artisan Tutors will continue to develop our own art practice so it informs the work we do and we will update our professional qualifications on a regular basis.
  • Artisan will host regular Open Days where participants work can be exhibited and the studios facilities can be presented to prospective participants and professional bodies.
  • Artisan aims to provide work opportunity for other artists in the Bournemouth area.
  • Artisan provides work experience placements from local collages and Arts University Bournemouth.
  • Artisan continues to develop links with the wider contemporary art community, galleries and curators.

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